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6th June 2023 9:30-11:15 £25 + VAT per place

This meeting is supported by the pharmaceutical industry so places are available at a reduced rate. There will be a 10 minute presentation from the company at the start of the webinar.



This webinar is aimed at healthcare professionals who are already involved in the diagnosis and management of COPD, looking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Webinar content

This webinar is based around fictitious case studies that reflect clinical practice. 

A practical approach covering the following topics and more:

  • An undiagnosed patient

    • Taking a history

    • Differential diagnoses

    • Making the diagnosis if you have access to spirometry

    • What about if I don't have spirometry?

    • What else should be done at diagnosis

    • Initial treatment at diagnosis

  • A diagnosed patient- the annual review

    • Reviewing the diagnosis

    • Assessing symptoms and exacerbations

    • Inhaler technique & adherence

    • Co-morbidities

    • Treatable traits

  • Pharmacological management
    • A proactive approach: dual bronchodilation and triple therapy​
    • Inappropriate prescribing of ICS containing regime- what do I do
    • Inhaler device simplicity and consistency

  • Non pharmacological management
    • Smoking cessation​
    • Pulmonary rehabilitation
    • Vaccination
    • Diagnosing and treating co-morbidities
    • Breathing techniques and physical activity

  • An exacerbating patient

    • Assessing the acute exacerbation

    • Treating the acute exacerbation

    • COPD supported self management & management plans

  • Your questions answered

Available to book:

6th June 2023 9:30-11:15 £25 + VAT per place

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