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Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis and Management of COPD


This 6 week 8 hour CPD module is suitable for healthcare professionals who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in COPD utilising the most up to date evidence-based guidance. Delivered through a combination of interactive e-learning, videos, case studies and live webinar sessions.

Following completion of ALL elements, you will receive a certificate for 8 hours CPD.

This module is currently supported by the pharmaceutical industry allowing reduced price places of £60 + VAT per place.

One company will be delivering a 10 minute presentation at the start of each webinar.

Learning objectives


To be able to:​

  • Understand the aetiology and pathophysiology of COPD

  • Understand the key elements in making a timely and accurate diagnosis 

  • Understand the aims of COPD management and apply the latest evidence based guidance

  • Individualise pharmacological treatment based on symptoms and risk

  • Maximise the non pharmacological management options

  • Carry out an effective annual review incorporating holistic assessment 

  • Recognise patients at risk of exacerbation and hospital admission and how to address this, knowing when to refer

  • Assess and manage acute exacerbations

  • Provide supported self management 

Course Content

Unit 1

COPD Diagnosis

2 hours

Part 1 E-learning (1.5 hrs) 2 weeks to complete from the start date)

  • Setting the scene: COPD in the UK and globally

  • Structure and function of a normal respiratory system

  • COPD on the inside: the pathophysiological changes that occur in COPD

  • COPD on the outside: clinical signs and symptoms

  • The importance of history taking and identifying risk factors

  • Diagnostic criteria for spirometry

  • Making a diagnosis in line with current guidance

Part 2 Live webinar (1 hour) 2 weeks after the start date

  • Case study based discussion to consolidate learning

  • Q&A

Unit 2

COPD Management

2 hours

Part 1 E-learning (1.5 hrs)- to be completed over 2 weeks before unit 2 webinar)

  • The aim of COPD management

  • The pharmacology of COPD ​​

    NICE guidance and the GOLD Strategy for the management of COPD

    Escalating and de-escalating treatment

  • Non pharmacological management 

  • Acute management of COPD

Part 2 Live webinar (1hr) 2 weeks after starting unit 2

  • Case study based discussion to consolidate learning

  • Q&A

Unit 3

An effective COPD review

2 hours

Part 1 E-learning (1.5 hrs)- to be completed over 2 weeks before unit 3 webinar)

  • The purpose of the COPD review

  • Assessment of symptoms

  • Assessment of lung function

  • Inhaler technique and tailoring the device to the patient

  • Identifying co-morbidities that can negatively impact COPD

  • Reducing hospital admissions: COPD action plan and supported self-management

Part 2 Live webinar 2 weeks after starting unit 3

  • Case study based discussion to consolidate learning

  • Q&A

Part 3 Post module assessment (30 mins)

  • Quiz

To book a place please complete the registration form below. 


*** 2023 ***

Start date: 5th June 2023  (date from which you can access the-learning) £60 + VAT (£72)

Supported by the pharmaceutical industry 

You MUST be able to complete the e-learning and attend all 3 live webinar dates to book onto this module which are as follows:

Unit 1 webinar: 19th June 12:30-1:45pm

Unit 2 webinar: 3rd July 12:30-1:45pm

Unit 3 webinar: 17th July 12:30-1:45pm

For notifications of cancellations and new dates for all courses, follow us on Facebook @respiratoryeducation

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