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Top Tips for Remote Consultations: the annual respiratory review

The Covid-19 Pandemic has meant new ways of working, a reduction in face to face contact with patients and an increase in remote routine reviews but this will be new territory for many.

The aim of this e-learning session is to provide some helpful tips and advice on carrying out asthma and COPD reviews remotely, delivered through a pre-recorded webinar with slides and printable resources pdf with useful links.

COST: £20

Course Content

Remote reviews:

asthma and COPD

45 minutes

  • Top tips for remote reviews

  • The use of AccuRx

    • SMS

    • Sending documents

    • Video calling

  • Benefits of video consultations for you and the patient

  • The remote annual review:

    • Assessing symptoms remotely: useful tools

    • Smoking cessation

    • Assessing inhaler technique and adherence

    • Managing anxiety related breathlessness: breathing techniques

    • Keeping active: remote resources

    • Rescue packs and management plans for exacerbation

    • Supported self management

    • Navigating and signposting to useful online patient resources 

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