Spirometry Update: PERFORMING

Next available date: ​ 12th Jan 2021 10-12 Places available


This 2 hour stand alone webinar is aimed at healthcare professionals that have already completed training in spirometry and are performing it in clinical practice and require an update.

These are FULLY FUNDED PLACES supported by the pharmaceutical industry.  The company will deliver a 10 minute presentation at the start of the webinar.  They will also have a list of delegates attending.

This webinar will cover:

  • The indications and contraindications of spirometry

  • Infection control

  • Preparing the equipment

  • Patient preparation

  • Performing spirometry in line with ARTP standards- getting a good result

  • Technical acceptability and reproducibility

  • Spirometry demonstration

  • Reversibility testing

  • Recognising errors in spirometry

  • Introduction to the measurements obtained from spirometry                                                                

  • The National register

Spirometry will be discussed in line with the current ARTP guidance with reference to the Covid-19 pandemic..

Throughout the webinar you will be expected to contribute to discussion and will be able to contribute and ask questions using the ‘chat feature’. 


The webinar will be hosted via Google Meet. The link will be sent out 2 weeks before the meeting which will give you the opportunity to test the link to ensure it is not blocked by firewalls and to download anything necessary.  You will need a good internet connection and a microphone and webcam ideally.


Dates available to book:

12th Jan 2021 10-12

Supported by: Teva UK Limited

At the start of the webinar, the company will deliver a 10 minute presentation and then leave the meeting. 


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