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Updated: Feb 12

Hi everyone

I can't believe we are in the final couple of months of the year, it has certainly been a busy one!

I hope you have continued to find the education accessible and affordable and relevant to your clinical practice.

There are only a couple of national sessions left this year:

5th Dec 9:30-11:45: An Introduction to Asthma

5th Dec 12:30-2:45pm: An Introduction to COPD

These lead perfectly into the 6 week modules in January 2024:

10th Jan 2024

6 week Asthma Module: Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis & Management of Adult Asthma (Full)

I do have an asthma module running with a training hub commencing 14th Feb with 3 live webinars on the 28th Feb, 13th March & 27th March. Otherwise, the next national asthma module commences the 29th May

10th Jan 2024

6 week COPD Module: Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis & Management of COPD

3 live webinars 11:30-12:45 on the 24th Jan, 7th Feb and the 21st Feb

The rest of the 2024 programme:

30th Jan 9:30-11:30 Performing Spirometry

30th Jan 12:30-2:30 Reporting/Interpreting Spirometry

20th Feb 12:30-2:15 Part 1 Clinical Examination of the Chest (Respiratory Examination)

27th Feb 12:30-2:15 Part 2 Clinical Examination of the Chest: Breathlessness & Differential Diagnosis

4th March 9:30-11:45 An Update in Asthma

20th March 9:30-11:45 An Update in COPD

30th April 9:30-11:30 Paediatric Asthma

These courses then repeat, see the course links above for dates from May onwards.

If the above dates don't suit you, please do email to see if there any other dates with various training hubs.

If you'd like to see something new or would like something for your own practice/PCN/ICB/training hub, please do email me

Best wishes


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